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Vision Plan for Cua Luc Bay


Location Client Size Completion
Quan Ninh, Vietnam Sun Group Cua Luc - 27,181 acres 2019 - Vision Plan Completion

Project details

BDP was commissioned by Sun Group to provide masterplanning and design consultancy services for the Cua Luc Bay region in Quang Ninh Province, Vietnam. Working together with Nippon Koei Vietnam, we developed a masterplan vision for the 110 sq km site that spreads across the north eastern coast of Vietnam. The Cua Luc Bay region shares its boundary with Ha Long Bay, a UNESCO world heritage destination and its thriving industries include mining, cement production, aquaculture, and fisheries - all of which are important elements for the development of an ecosystem for the future. Whilst important for regional growth, these industries  contribute to the pollution which is adversely affecting the world heritage site. Our masterplan has sensitively addressed this issue and  provides integrated design solutions to the challenges faced by the vivid landscape of Cua Luc Bay and its surroundings. The masterplan also envisions Cua Luc Bay as an inclusive and cohesive region that has a sustainable mix of residential, tourism, mixed-use developments and high-tech industries.


  • to create an international residential and tourism destination for Vietnam, converging sustainability, modern amenities, and a strong connection to nature

Integrated services

masterplanning, urban design