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Nanoscience Centre, University of Cambridge


Location Client Cost Size Completion
Cambridge, UK University of Cambridge £4.5m 1,960m2 2003

Project details

Nano technology brings together the sciences of physics, chemistry and biology at a molecular scale. In order to meet the challenges of this emerging technology the University of Cambridge wanted to create a facility that integrated the technical areas of research with social areas for debate and interaction between the disciplines. The facility was to be flexible, to accommodate the developing nature of the technology, yet create an environment that fosters innovative thinking.

The laboratory area is split into three inter related elements linked by a glazed ambulatory; the clean rooms where new miniature components, compounds and materials are created free from extraneous air-borne particles, the equipment modules where the scientists’ creations are studied under high-power electron microscopes, and the general laboratory which is used for lower-level research. The social pod provides a breakout space adjacent to the various parts of the laboratories facing the academic office completing the triumvirate of research, practice and creative thought.

Integrated services

architecture, landscape architecture, structural engineering, environmental engineering