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New Capital Steel Regeneration


Location Client Size
Beijing Dongcheng, China Beijing Shougang Construction Investment Co., Ltd. 320,000 Sqm

Project details

Shougang's factory at the end of the western extension of Beijing's Chang'an Street has been reinvented and rejuvenated, in conjunction with the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. The scheme sees the area develop from a historical period of industrial production into a new era of cutting-edge technology and innovation. In 2019 BDP delivered and completed the urban design and regeneration masterplan for Shougang

The project is divided into five development packages, with a total site area of 322,200 sqm and a total GFA of 1,248,522 sqm. Functions include commercial retail, office, residential, research, exhibition hall and other service buildings.

The new architectural vision and urban realm has been crafted to embody the spirit of the original industrial site, whilst functioning as a vibrant modern workplace and lifestyle hub. A series of ‘slow traffic’ streets guide pedestrian circulation. Human-scale buildings combine retained heritage with a new urban fabric that reflects Capital Steels’ materiality and form. Small laneways and passages intertwine through the plots creating intimate laneway spaces, links and active courtyards, whilst the landscape is inspired by metal weaving.

The Beijing Capital Steel redevelopment offers one of the most exciting and unique opportunities for industrial redevelopment both in China and worldwide. Defined by the vast industrial scale of the buildings and machinery that once fired the industrial heart of China.

Integrated services

urban design, architecture