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University Mohammed VI Polytechnique Benguerir


Location Client Completion
Morocco Multinational conglomerate 2011 (design)

Project details

BDP’s solution for the stunningly beautiful desert plain site overlooked by the Atlas Mountains celebrates the earth and creates a living, learning and cultural zone within the campus with clearly defined and culturally referenced doors between each zone. The learning zone within the campus is sunk within the terrain, following the line of an existing valley which we have exaggerated to create the learning ravine.

Inspired by Moroccan tradition


  • design for 301,000 sq m new university campus  north of Marrakech
  • faculties of the environment, natural resources, sustainability and architecture
  • post-graduate institution focusing upon research and the development of new technologies
  • also containing a headquarters building, a conference centre and a hotel to encourage links with business and other research institutions across the globe


  • the architectural language of the competition proposal takes its inspiration from the Moroccan tradition
  • large construction is combined with the vibrant use of colour and light within internal courtyard spaces incorporating water and vegetation

Integrated services

architecture (with Groupe-6), sustainability, engineers