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University of Cambridge, Physics of Medicine


Location Client Cost Completion
Cambridge, UK University of Cambridge £12.5m 2008

Project details

A building to enable a new research initiative which will push the boundaries of medical science by drawing physics deeply into the life sciences.

The first of two phases, this three-storey building creates a suite of open accessible research laboratories, teaching rooms and offices.

The building unites researchers from the departments of Physics, Biochemistry, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering as well as the School of Clinical Medicine. It is sited next to the world-famous Cavendish Laboratory, home to the Department of Physics at West Cambridge campus.

A wooden sculpture of the double helix structure of DNA is a spectacular symbol of what the building represents.


  • to support a major investment in medical and biological physics with a new building
  • to form new gateways and identity for the legendary Cavendish Laboratories


  • the adjacent laboratories are designed to be future proof to accommodate different scientific disciplines and can be configured to suit varying sizes of scientific research groups
  • the activities of laboratory and research are visually connected, centred on the idea of innovation through collaboration

Integrated services

architecture, landscape architecture