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Vauxhall Area SPD


Location Client Completion
Vauxhall, London, UK Lambeth Council 2013

Project details

Following the production of an Urban Design Study in 2006 to assess the capacity of Vauxhall for tall buildings, BDP was commissioned by Lambeth Council to produce a Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) for the Vauxhall Area. Vauxhall lies within the Vauxhall/Battersea/Nine Elms Opportunity Area and is therefore identified for significant future regional growth both in terms of new jobs and homes. The SPD seeks to provide a comprehensive urban strategy for the area and a framework for delivering and managing significant change.

With many planning applications coming forward for buildings of more than 100 storeys on constrained sites, and with transport capacity issues at Vauxhall interchange, a framework is required to ensure developments are delivered appropriately in terms of location, scale, design and community benefits. The SPD seeks to secure the even spread of regeneration benefits for the community, and to protect the important character of the site and surrounding area. It will provide a framework within which the Council can assess future development proposals in the Vauxhall Area.

Having undertaken extensive public consultation in 2007/2008, including key stakeholder workshop and interviews, and with BDP managing inputs from MVA transport consultants, a series of capacity options were prepared for consultation. The options demonstrated a holistic vision for the future of Vauxhall with some radical ideas for change, specifically within the Vauxhall Cross area, and are supported by detailed design principles and character area guidance. Partnership working with LB Wandsworth, the GLA and TfL has been integral to the process given the need to align with the Mayor’s Opportunity Area Planning Framework.

Formal public consultation on the draft SPD finished in 2009. Since that time there has been much change in the economic and planning policy context for the Vauxhall Area. The Council therefore halted progress on the SPD to await a firmer context of the London Plan and GLA’s OAPF. Work on the SPD then recommenced in early 2012, with a consultation event on revised SPD principles in March. The SPD has now been adopted by the Council.


  • to develop a comprehensive strategy for delivering substantial growth in new jobs and homes
  • to provide a strong urban design framework and create a sense of place in Vauxhall
  • to provide design guidance for key opportunity sites to ensure that each development contributes towards delivering the overall vision


  • a clear vision for the future of the Vauxhall area
  • definition of a series of distinctive character areas, with individual land use, urban design and access principles
  • a set of overarching principles for the spaces, infrastructure, place making and tall buildings, and transport
  • clear advice on the challenges to delivering the objectives for Vauxhall

Integrated services

planning, urban design, landscape architecture