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Walthamstow Town Centre


Location Client Cost Completion Awards
London, UK London Borough of Waltham Forest £1.6m high street; £1.5m town square 2004 4

Project details

New life for Europe’s longest high street.

Our breadth of experience and services helped us win the role of lead designer for this wide-ranging urban programme.

We revived the high street with new lighting, paving surfaces and power supplies for street traders.

The new town square and gardens link the retail and market areas, the bus station and a rail interchange, which we also upgraded.


  • design a new town square and gardens
  • create public space that encourages year-round communal activity
  • deliver a stimulating, safe, inclusive environment


  • attractive new space at the heart of the town
  • working partnerships created between local authorities, businesses, residents and public transport providers
  • historic market town function revitalised
  • awards included the Street Design Award 2006, London Planning Award 2004 and BCSC Town Centre Environment Award 2004

Integrated services

landscape architecture, masterplanning, lighting