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Qasr Al Hosn


Location Client Completion
Abu Dhabi, UAE Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority 2018

Project details

Abu Dhabi’s oldest building Qasr Al Hosn underwent ten years of restoration work and is now a museum which sits at the heart of a new regional and cultural quarter. It comprises two landmark buildings: the Inner Fort which dates back to 1795, and the Outer Palace which was added in 1935. The building was designed to respond to the harsh desert climate by absorbing the heat of the sun and channelling natural breezes to provide a cool environment.

The restored pavilions and tower house exhibit the evolution of the city with displays of artefacts dating from 6,000 BC. Each exhibition space is connected by glass structures, creating a sequence of spaces, alongside a courtyard that has a distinctive aroma from planted date palms that evoke memories of the fort.

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