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Regent Street Greening


Location Client Completion
London, UK The Crown Estate 2021

Project details

A collaboration between BDP, The Crown Estate and Westminster City Council has resulted in a design solution for the ‘Greening of Regent Street’, to complement and enhance the street’s road widening project.

The layout safely supports pedestrian movement, whilst ensuring that lush greening and new seating enhances the experience of this major London retail destination.

Attractive planting from Langham Place to Waterloo Place will support London’s Wild West End initiative, reinforcing the ethos that being close to nature helps to make people feel happier, enriches user experience and will support retail businesses in the process.

Creating a sense of place that is welcoming, safe, convenient and engaging is vital to bringing people back to the street.


  • deliver a greener, healthier and more sustainable West End
  • deliver significant improvements for safety, accessibility and air quality


  • creates a sense of place that is welcoming, safe and engaging
  • sustainable planting and greening solutions introduced
  • introduction of 325 modular planters and 62 trees of 14 different species

Integrated services

landscape architecture