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City of Regina Stadium


Location Client Size Completion
Regina, Canada City of Regina 33,000 Expandable to 40,000 June 2017

Project details

This design responds to the city’s unique climate and incredible skyscapes.

The design of the Regina Stadium responds to the extreme heat and cold experienced throughout the year through the use of a “smart roof” design. The design takes advantage of the site’s climate through ample shading and the allowance of cooling breezes throughout the bowl in the summer. Additionally, the design blocks the winds of winter and allows the sun to find its way into the stadium.

Conceived as an expression of the local landscape, the envelope is divided into a “stone” base, an aeolian ripple “field” façade, and the “sky” roof. Inspired by natural fractal patterns, the roof geometry is optimised for structural efficiency but is also arranged from small to large panels to evoke the feeling of a clearing sky.

This concept design formed the basis of tender requirement documents for the City of Regina’s public-private-partnership RFP.

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