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Taopu Smart City


Location Client Completion
Shanghai Taopu District, China Shanghai Taopu Wisdom City of Science and Technology Development Construction Co., LTD 2015

Project details

Shanghai taopu smart city project is located in the northwest corner of shanghai with an area of 4.2 square kilometres. It’s formerly known as taopu industrial area which was one of three heavy pollution areas in Shanghai.

Design focuses on district revitalization, environmental restoration and integration with a mixed use function to this area. These principles seek to create an active, vibrate and mixed used sub-hub northwest of shanghai.

Project program includes 1.6 million sqm hotel and office, 1.1 million sqm research and development, 1 million sqm homes and apartments, and some cultural and public facilities.


  • urban renewal


  • create a compact energy-saving city
  • preserve architectural heritage to keep the memory of the past
  • become a model of urban renewal

Integrated services

urban design