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De Bilt, Dorpsstraat


Location Client Cost Size Completion
De Bilt, the Netherlands Municipality De Bilt € 1,8m (incl. services) 24.000m2 2011

Project details

As the Dorpsstraat is mainly used by through-traffic, it has lost its characteristic ‘village’ atmosphere. The new design restored this authentic character. Historic materials, such as bricks and natural pavement stones, are used to provide quality to this area. By minimizing the width of the carriageway, broad pavements are created providing space for terraces, ‘al fresco’ dining, shop displays and strolling pedestrians.
Despite the limited space and dominating claims for roads, bicycle lanes, parking and trees the design is optimised and does justice to the historical village character, improves the quality of the urban space and gives the Dorpsstraat back to the local community.

Integrated services

Landscape architecture