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Germany, Ditmarschen, Speicherkoog


Location Client Size Completion
Dithmarschen, Germany DSK Deutsche Stadt- und Gründstücksentwicklungsgesellschaft 1200 hectares Design 2013

Project details

BDP Khandekar’s design proposal for a 3,5km coastline area with a unique natural environment, in Speicherkoog Dithmarschen in Germany, was awarded the first prize in a design competition.
Nature is key in the design for the UNESCO Wadden Sea: Meldorfer Bucht. The competition entry of BDP Khandedar integrates tourism and natural development in a perfect way.

Enjoy nature @ Meldorfer Bucht
The UNESCO World Heritage Site Wadden Sea and the Nature Reserves Kronenloch and Wöhrdener Loch form a dense network of special habitats that deserves protection. Yet, the local authorities are convinced that an increase in tourism is desirable and also possible. Enjoying the unique nature, spotting rare birds and total relaxation is what could attract more tourists to Meldorfer Bucht. The aim of the competition was to redesign parts of the Nature Reserves to increase tourism, making this an attractive area to visit, but without impeding the ecological values of the reserves.
The existing parking spaces are currently underutilised. As a result there are opportunities at the touristic spots of Nordermeldorf, Elpersbüttel and at the harbour to intensify tourism and to  simultaneously increase the biodiversity of these areas.

Nature in a showcase/on display
In the existing situation, a Nature Exhibition Centre Wattwurm, bird observatories and an educational path, all offer information about the diverse habitats of the Speicherkoog. In the competition entry of BDP Khandekar, a new UNESCO play area in Nordermeldorf, a showcase for nature, is added to this list of educational attractions. The design proposal also expands the existing educational path to reveal splendid views of the salt marshes. In the proposal, a spectacular addition to this display of nature will be the new saltwater pool in the Wadden Sea.   

Nordermeldorf – UNESCO playground
In the design for the UNESCO playground, an artificial streamlet and marshland, flowerbeds and elements such as stepping stones and a water pump stimulate children to explore the habitat of the marshes. Nature becomes an adventure playground. The surrounding area is also redesigned in a more natural way. Existing ecologically important zones are maintained and will be developed further.

Northern Harbour area – Activity spot Meldorf
In BDP Khandekar’s design proposal, the existing dike between Mielespeicher and the harbour becomes the activity-hub of the development. New leisure functions are concentrated in this area. A new promenade with bike-rental, boat-rental and a shuttle-stop, offers panoramic views of the harbour and the fresh water lake Mielespeicher. The northern part of the harbour will become a swimming-area. The new broad staircase can be used for sunbathing. A new restaurant completes the touristic attraction clustered around the harbour.

Southern Harbour area – Natural harbour Meldorf
The proposal increases the appeal of the harbour with a natural design-solution for the harbour edges. Existing functions in the harbour area are also integrated in the design. Open spaces within the harbour area are developed to create opportunities for an ensemble of floating accommodations in the harbour and wooden lodges in the adjoining reed lands.  This provides a highly attractive new form of tourism where the splendid natural setting can be enjoyed.

Elpersbüttel – Showcase Wadden Sea
In the BDP Khandekar design, all the necessary parking spaces for cars and campers are concentrated in the northern area. Existing parking areas in the south, will be removed and the area will be left to develop naturally to unltimately become part of the adjoining an existing special habitat. A new educational path will connect the new Wadden Sea Workshop with the existing Nature Exhibition Centre and will exploit the beautiful views of the delicate nature. The proposed salt water pool in the Wadden Sea, which makes life in the Wadden Sea tangible for visitors, is a simple yet spectacular addition to the existing educational programme.

Integrated services

Urban Design, Landscape Architecture