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Honswijk and Everdingen Design Codes


Location Client Completion
New Dutch Waterline, the Netherlands Kwaliteitsteam Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie, Municipality of Houten, Vianen and Culemborg design 2009

Project details

Commissioned by the quality team ‘New Dutch Waterline’ and the councils of Houten, Vianen and Culemborg, BDP's Netherlands studio has developed a Design Code for the fortresses of Honswijk, Everdingen and ‘lunet aan de Snel’. Prime goal of this design code is to set out a clear spatial framework for new interventions in the existing buildings, new developments and landscaping the outdoor spaces of the fortresses. Key is the question of which existing values one would like retain and strengthen and which spatial quality one strives at.

To enthuse the government and developers and to show the area's potency, above all an inspiring vision is needed; an urban and landscape vision that clearly show the binding overall theme.

The purpose of the design code is to assess initiatives for new developments at the fortresses. The key issue in this is to find a balance between regulating and flexibility, between the conservation and the redevelopment of the monumental buildings and terrains. By including guide lines, reference images and assessment criteria for the quality of the buildings and outdoor spaces, the actual eventual function has become irrelevant, ensuring large flexibility for the development.

During the process of the developing the design code a number of steps have been taken. First of all for both fortresses the genus loci has been determined; the key spatial characteristics of both fortress as well as the individual buildings. Secondly, during a workshop, based on aspects such as context, spatial composition, buildings and parking, the scope of possible (re)development options have been explored. And finally out of these ideas three spatial development scenarios have been distilled. For each scenario the characteristic existing spatial setting of the fortress forms the base for change.

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