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Noordzoom Masterplan


Location Client Size Completion
Lelystad, the Netherlands Van Heijst & Partners 11,5 hectares with 8 private parcels design 2004, realisation 2055- ongoing

Project details

The area lies on the Northside of Lelystad, as an extended link to the Markerwaarddijk. The location forms the transition between the built-up area and the golf course, and an outlaying area to the Zuigerplaspark. Its location on the Noordzoom of Lelystad has an advantage due to the mature greenery present on the south and the east side of the area to be planned.

The plan is to create a unified estate so the placement of the plots as well as the structures was crucial to the design. This is based on the idea of an English landscape style in the form of rolling, curvilinear forms, changing views and a strong relationship with water and the woods.

Integrated services

landscape design, design coordination and supervision