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Fokker Business Park Masterplan


Location Client Size Completion
Schiphol, the Netherlands Anthony Fokker Business Park c.v 39 hectare realisation started 2004

Project details

After the bankruptcy of the Fokker Aircraft Company, the former industrial site needed to be restructured for new uses. BDP Khandekar won a limited design competition to transform the former single-user production site into a multi-user site with distinct zones for logistics and offices. The development and design strategy developed by the masterplanning team allows for transformation in phases, and this has been achieved whilst respecting the historic lines and layout of the Fokker site.

In the new design a parkway is introduced as the unifying element with a green structure based on the use of trees and water basins. This is in the form of a curvilinear path through a broad park zone. By innovatively zoning the various functions, a logical layout is established creating spaces with different atmospheres. The business functions are situated in the masterplan so that in principle no heavy vehicles use the parkway, but instead use the connecting ring road. As a result, the parkway is a high quality green route linking the offices.

In addition to the business and logistics developments, there are residential areas specially designed for the people working here. In this plan the KPN Building (designed by S2 Architects) gets a symbolic function due to its impressive façade and its image as a ‘glass silo’.

Integrated services

urban design, landscape architecture, design coordination