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“A combination of heritage expertise and design creativity leads to innovative solutions for historic buildings and environments, giving them a new vitality and a truly sustainable future.”
Alan Davies, Head of Heritage


Our heritage teams have undertaken the complex refurbishment of internationally renowned theatres, concert halls, museums and other cultural institutions. We have succeeded in preserving and enhancing their character whilst discreetly adapting them, functionally and technically, to make them truly fit for purpose in the 21st century.

Our built heritage defines who we are and represents a great source of inspiration, creativity and emotional growth. Our sensitive approach to its conservation and adaptation reinforces the values we place in our past, present and future - ensuring we deliver imaginative and far-reaching projects.

Specialist skills include conservation, innovative use of sustainable materials, intimate understanding of site significance and building history and creative-led design philosophy. We are also able to benefit our clients with our expertise in working collaboratively with statutory authorities to ease projects through the necessary legislative phases.

Heritage Projects

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