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Culture & Leisure

An understanding of people, and how the public interacts with building, is critical to creating successful cultural projects.


We have the requisite skills and experience to design and deliver world class, award winning projects across the full spectrum of the culture and leisure sector.

We have worked for many of the most revered cultural institutions including highly successful concert halls, theatres, museums and visitor attractions.

Many of these projects involve the retention and refurbishment of much loved existing buildings, preserving and enhancing their character whilst discreetly adapting them, both functionally and technically, to make them fit for purpose in the 21st century.

Culture & Leisure Projects

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Michael Mullen

Principal, Architecture, Head of Dublin Studio, Head of Culture & Leisure Dublin
+353 [0]1 474 0600

Michael is a principal and heads the Dublin studio. He has led teams on a range of projects such as hotel, leisure, residential and workplace.

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