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Science, Research & Technology

We collaborate with our clients to realise their aspirations at the cutting edge of research and technology to foster and inspire world class discovery, creating places that celebrate science as a cultural activity.


BDP’s designs respond to the rapid pace of change in R&D and the demand for open, agile and interactive places for scientific research.

We pioneer cost effective and space efficient solutions in response to demanding and complex briefs which synthesise design and functional excellence with low energy, high sustainability performance in these high technology environments.

For more information please view our Science, Research & Technology brochure.


By its very nature science and research experiences constant technological and mission change. We design inspirational, adaptable spaces which can accommodate future needs through imaginative space planning and intelligent services infrastructure design, which enhance collaborative working, facilitate advanced ICT and other Technologies, while respecting the need for low operational costs.

Achieving Net Zero

We believe that full and open engagement with the client and building users to test and challenge the performance requirements for the proposed activities can reduce CO2 emissions from structural design and servicing. This includes zoning activities by the intensity of their technical need and optimising space through interrogation of uses and shared facilities.

Our interdisciplinary structure enables the creative use of hybrid material solutions to holistically reduce the carbon emission impact of the structure and building fabric.

An energy plan for known uses, together with scenario planning, allows for future adaptation and ensures building longevity. In-use performance measurements inform data-led design to optimise operation and achieve effective re-use of existing facilities.


We work closely with academics, scientists, researchers, engineering and FM Ops estates teams; listening, analysing, exchanging ideas and stimulating imaginative solutions.

Differing perspectives need to be considered when developing potential options in response to a complex brief with demanding functional requirements.

We believe that a collaborative work style is an essential ingredient of this process of reconciling quality, functionality, sustainability and aesthetics with our client’s capital and operational cost objectives.

Science, Research & Technology Projects

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Keith Papa

Architect director, Head of science, research and technology London
+44 [0]20 7812 8000

Keith is head of science, research and technology. He has significant experience designing and delivering large, complex science projects with a focus on the briefing process, espousing collaborative working.

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Steve Pardy

Building Services Engineering Director London
+44 [0]7894621092

Steve has extensive experience as a building services engineer specialising in complex laboratory and healthcare projects and leads these sectors in the London studio.

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