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“We put passengers' needs at the centre of the project, to create a positive and memorable impression of their journey.”
Peter Jenkins, Head of Transport


We provide integrated transport solutions to meet the demands of 21st century travel, placing passengers' needs at the centre of the design, to create sustainable world class buildings, infrastructure and places that sit at the heart of the communities they serve.

Our expertise ranges from vast city-scale transport masterplans to individual award winning passenger facilities. Our urban masterplans leverage transport networks to unlock development and seamlessly connect a mixture of transport modes into complex urban environments and sensitive landscape settings. At the most personal scale, we have developed access for all types of facilities which cater for the wide range of passenger needs.

We catalyse urban regeneration by recycling existing transport buildings. Using modern construction techniques, we develop sustainable flexible design which activates city placemaking and combines a mixture of uses, to form integrated and valued pieces of the urban fabric.

Transport Projects

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