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“We are acoustic experts who think like designers, engineers and architects.”
Gavin Stevenson, Head of Acoustics


We are specialists in architectural and building acoustics. Our success results from our interdisciplinary working environment which provides a unique level of understanding of design and engineering.

This innately collaborative setting further ensures that all analysis and recommendations are made with consideration of other disciplines’ needs; ensuring a seamless, harmonious and good value design.

We combine scientific analysis, creative design skills and practical experience. Our involvement ranges from small-scale noise assessments to full consultancy on major long-term schemes.

Our emphasis on design quality, coupled with technical experience and knowledge sharing ensures that our acoustic designs are delivered in a robust and efficient manner. This is assisted by determining the correct acoustic standards for the building at the outset, created by gaining a full understanding of the client’s aspirations and end user’s needs - not by simply following standards or guidance documents. Creating an acoustic design which is tailored and bespoke rather than blindly following standards and guidance documents ensures the most cost-effective approach is taken.

BDP Acoustics is a corporate member of the Association of Noise Consultants (ANC) and our individual consultants are all members of the Institute of Acoustics (IOA). BDP Acoustics is also an accredited organisation for Building Regulations Part E testing and our individual consultants are registered ANC testers.


Acoustics Projects

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