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“It's our freshness and creative energy - combined with our strength and experience across all sectors - that gives us our edge.” Benedict Zucchi, chair of architecture


Our architects are passionate about the role of design to improve the quality of life. We design places for all of life's activities and at every scale.

We are united by the simple idea that people are at the heart of the design process. We design across all the major sectors and our specialist skills include Sustainability, Urban Design, Heritage and Creative re-use. We are recognised as international leaders in each. Our open plan design studios are creative hubs where we work in an interdisciplinary environment which stimulates cross discipline and cross sector thinking.

Architecture Projects

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Benedict Zucchi

Principal, chair of architecture London
+44 [0]20 7812 8000

Benedict is a principal and chair of the architecture profession. He leads the London studio health team of architects, engineers, interior designers and other specialists.

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Scott Mackenzie

Principal, Head of Glasgow and Head of Education Glasgow
+44 [0]141 227 7900

Scott is a principal and head of Glasgow studio. He is also head of our education sector and has worked on many major further and higher education projects.

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Sue Emms

Principal, Architecture, North Region Chair Manchester/Liverpool
+44 [0]161 828 2200

Sue was appointed Chair for our North Region in 2019 and is responsible for guiding the strategy for our Manchester, Birmingham, Sheffield, Leeds, and Liverpool studios. She is also our sector head for education in the north of England, having designed and delivered some of our most innovative and award winning education projects.

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Watch video by BDP about our Award winning Alder Hey Children's Health Park in Liverpool.


Enterprise South Liverpool Academy and 5 Cities, 5 Places, One Day

Project director Sue Emms talks about the design of Enterprise South Liverpool Academy, BDP's Building of the year. Hear what users have to say about their fantastic new building.

5 Cities, 5 Places, One Day is a short film created for BDP's 50th anniversary. This documentary visits five buildings in five different cities showing each over the course of one day, with commentary from local people and users.