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Building Services Engineering

“PEOPLE FRIENDLY ENGINEERING” Andrew Swain-Smith, chair, building services engineering


Our environmental design group house building services, mechanical, electrical, public health and infrastructure engineers, specialist lighting designers, acoustic and sustainability consultants, BREEAM assessors and  building physicists.

Our engineering teams collaborate with other design professionals, drawing on our pool of specialists to deliver cutting edge, award winning projects.

See our building services engineering brochure for more details.


Optimistically Driven

Life is better with optimism. As engineers and designers we are excited by the opportunity to facilitate great architecture, enhance how our clients live, work and play, and design engineering systems which are optimised to requirements.

Creatively Inspired

We see engineering as a creative discipline. Beyond the competency to deliver technical engineering solutions we challenge ourselves to look at projects holistically, working collaboratively to deliver places and spaces which provide the best overall response to the brief and project context.

Critically Enabled

We don’t copy/paste; our solutions are developed through a continual process of questioning. By doing so we protect ourselves from complacency and approach every project attentively and inquisitively.

Civically Engaged

We engage with the cities in which we live and work, actively seeking to influence the narrative of development for the better. As a key function within a design led interdisciplinary practice we enjoy contributing to our big conversation: ‘placemaking for a modern world’.


We build and support teams in which individuals are given the opportunity to develop career paths in response to their passions and interests. We encourage our engineers to ‘take responsibility where they see it’, a mantra which covers our approach to meeting client’s needs, developing and driving our future strategies, and working to enhance the environments and communities in which we work.

Technologically Astute

We use technology wisely. Our Digital Engineering and BIM adoption strategy was highly commended at the construction news awards as “A truly disruptive approach to the market, changing the way processes are being taken on. Very clear on their business model, with sustainable commercial objectives” ultimately debunking the myths and normalising BIM delivery for our engineers and clients.

Flexible and Connected

We provide our engineers with the flexibility to work in a way which suits them. Technology has given ‘place’ both a physical and virtual context allowing life to be balanced around the commitments and aspirations of working, living and playing. Whilst the virtual place helps us to offer a flexibility we also create high quality studio environments, and an active social calendar, as there is no replacement for conversation and kinship.

Enjoy what we do

We believe delivering projects should be an enjoyable experience for all involved. In response we engage fully with the process of design and delivery, forming mutually supportive relationships to ensure success can be enjoyed and problems overcome. We always seek feedback from collaborators and clients to help us to ensure we remain friendly people to work with.

Building Services Engineering Projects

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James Hepburn

Principal, Building Services Engineering London
+44 [0]7738 696 714

James is a principal and leads engineering teams on projects across all sectors, working closely with the architects to design sustainable buildings.

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Chris Croly

Building services engineering director Dublin
+353 [0]1 474 0600

Chris is a technical director who manages the Building Services engineering team in the Dublin studio, ensuring that it retains its reputation for industry leading sustainable building designs of the highest quality.

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Steve Pardy

Building Services Engineering Director London
+44 [0]7894621092

Steve has extensive experience as a building services engineer specialising in complex laboratory and healthcare projects, and leads these sectors in the London studio. 

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