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Sign Design Talk of 2018

The wayfinding and graphic design team at BDP attended the last Sign Design Talk of 2018. Here are some take aways from the evening:

Andy said…

"I particularly enjoyed the street nameplate talk. I was aware of the different typefaces on display throughout London but to see such a detailed study was very interesting.​

I fell in love with the cuts in the C and the S on the typeface (highlighted on the photograph).


I’m also a big Jimi Hendrix fan and probably first became aware of the iconic London street sign when I saw my idol photographed next to one in Marylebone!"


Marc said…

“It was interesting to see the wide range of London’s street signs. I hadn’t quite realised that they come in so many different forms, from stone dividers, to ceramic tiles through to the standard enamel signs mounted onto walls or at street level. However, for me the most symbolic design is that of Sir Misha Black’s 1967 signs for the then, newly created City of Westminster Borough. The red and black design is now synonymous with Westminster and famous throughout the world."