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Inclusive Design

“We create spaces for all. our comprehensive, human-centred approach to design upholds accessibility, wellness, and inclusion as essential components to create equitable, safe, and resilient built environments.” Jesse Klimitz, Director of Human Space


BDP is committed to inclusion and wellbeing in the built environment and believes that inclusive design and its process is fundamental to creating spaces for everyone. When we design, we do so with the full range of human diversity in mind, enabling a complete spectrum of participation in all aspects of society.

Our commitment to inclusion is demonstrated through our consultancy, Human Space, a global collaborative of experts dedicated to this cause. Alongside our architecture, design and urbanism practice, Human Space delivers spaces, buildings and communities that considers people first and incorporates broad perspectives to arrive at better solutions.

Human Space has successfully delivered projects spanning across the healthcare, residential, workplace, hospitality, recreation, education, transit and public realm.

Our accessibility, wellness and inclusion advisory services include:

  • Building Audits and Feasibility Studies
  • Certification and Benchmarking
  • Design Consultation
  • Guidelines and Standards
  • Research
  • Post-Occupancy Evaluation
  • Training
  • And more…

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Inclusive Design Projects

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Jesse Klimitz

Principal - North America, Director of Human Space North America

Jesse is a principal who collaborates with BDP’s leadership in steering the future direction and growth of the practice across North America.

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Sue Emms

Principal, Architecture, North Region Chair Manchester/Liverpool
+44 [0]161 828 2200

Sue was appointed Chair for our North Region in 2019 and is responsible for guiding the strategy for our Manchester, Birmingham, Sheffield, Leeds, and Liverpool studios. She is also our sector head for education in the north of England, having designed and delivered some of our most innovative and award winning education projects.

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