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Landscape Architecture

“We create attractive and accessible external spaces — vital in the creation of successful communities.”
Nick Edwards, Chair of Landscape


Whether urban or rural, the external environment helps to shape and define the places  we live, work and spend our leisure time in. Our landscape architects are engaged with projects across the UK and overseas, protecting and enhancing the natural landscape or working with clients and communities to create ‘smart’ green masterplans, imaginative urban spaces, lively parks and attractive settings for new development. Our aspiration is to create landscapes which balance the needs of people with those of the wider environment 

We are experienced designers in many sectors of the built environment, helping to create new landscapes for education, healthcare, retail, and workplace development, as well as enhancing the public realm in many of our urban centres. Our work starts by engaging with people, then retains them at the centre of the design process.

Landscape Architecture Projects

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Martin Savage

Landscape Architect Director London
+44 [0]20 7812 8106

Since joining BDP in 2000, Martin has been involved in the design and delivery of a range of masterplanning, urban design, regeneration and landscape projects.

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