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We believe in a conceptual approach which stems from the rigorous intellectual analysis of human behaviour and the interaction of people with the surrounding architectural and landscape environment. Our lighting team comprises a creative collective of artists, product designers, engineers, theatre designers and architects, who offer a vibrant diversity of skills.

Collaboration, conceptual integrity and sustainability are central to our philosophy and are holistically fostered from concept through to final evaluation. We are experienced in all key areas of lighting design and are market leaders in retail, heritage, leisure, education, libraries, workplace, public realm, art and art galleries, exterior architecture, environmental impact assessments and daylight design. We contribute widely to professional bodies and through our publications, seminars and events, we aim to educate and inspire.

Sustainability is rooted in our humanist approach and acknowledgement of our impact on the global community. Our focus is not only on the climate emergency and carbon reduction but on the wider issues of circular economy and health and wellbeing.


Lighting Projects

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Lora Kaleva

Associate Lighting Designer London
+44 [0]20 7812 8000

Lora joined BDP in 2011. She holds a Master's degree in Lighting Design from University College London. In 2024 she was named as one of '40 under 40' young and outstanding individuals who work in a creative capacity with the application of lighting in architecture.

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