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“Each space tells a story. Our role is to identify and connect people’s functional and emotional needs to that story and to help them have the best possible experience.”
Dan Lane, Graphic Designer


Wayfinding is the glue that binds people to place. It is about making spaces understandable and easy to use. It is about understanding how people navigate unfamiliar spaces – but it’s so much more than signage.

Our ultimate role is to connect all the elements of the built environment with its users so they can make the most of their journey and in turn create a return on investment for our clients.

We challenge assumptions by questioning how people use and perceive spaces, services and brands, and go beyond meeting people's needs to create the best possible experience of a space - be it a city centre, an airport, a museum or a shopping mall.

A good wayfinding system can make people feel welcome and gain a sense of belonging. When brought in at the beginning of a project, wayfinding can identify user needs and gaps and help shape an inclusive and accessible environment that maximises intuitive navigation. Our unique position within BDP means we have access to specialist teams that cover every aspect of placemaking for a modern world.

Our projects span various sectors including urban realm and masterplanning, transport, education, healthcare, retail and leisure.

Wayfinding Projects

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