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Civil & Structural Engineering

“Our engineers contribute holistically to all projects, crossing traditional profession boundaries to stimulate creative thinking and adding huge value for our clients.”
John Roycroft, Chair of Civil and Structural Engineering


We design intelligent infrastructure that impacts positively on the planet. Our work spans the full range of infrastructure types globally, connecting places and improving quality of life: From masterplanning cities to flood risk assessments; from transport interchanges to sustainable urban realms.

Our civil and structural engineering teams are proactive in anticipating and solving challenges. We work closely with architects, both in-house and outside BDP, to challenge thinking and push the boundaries of conventional design. As a team, we advise clients from the earliest conceptual stages through to the completion of award winning, landmark projects across all sectors.

Our approach rests on applying technology to refine design, increase efficiency and improve buildability, and all our engineers recognise the importance of contributing positively in a creative way to the total building design. We work closely with the whole design team, focusing on what can be achieved with lateral thinking while respecting constraints and maintaining a healthy respect for the defence of gravity.

How engineers can tackle the climate emergency

Climate Emergency Mockup.jpg

As the global community faces the urgent challenges posed by climate change, the role of Civil and Structural engineers has never been more crucial. In our groundbreaking report, How engineers can tackle the climate emergency we unveil the innovative strategies and forward-thinking approaches that form the cornerstone of our commitment to tackling climate change head-on.

Delve into the core principles that have guided many of the projects we have worked on. Our report highlights the integration of sustainable design principles into every facet of our work, ensuring that structures not only withstand the test of time but also leave a minimal environmental footprint.

Civil & Structural Engineering Projects

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Victoria Martin

Civil & Structural Engineering Director London
+44 [0]20 7812 8000

Victoria is an award winning, chartered engineer. She is well respected by other designers and clients, sought out for her technical skills and expertise.

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Lisa Rapson

Civil Engineering Director London

Lisa has over 30 years’ experience specialising in the provision of civil engineering and project management services for multi-disciplined, multi-phased mixed-use regeneration developments, highways and infrastructure projects.


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