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New Sports Hall at King Edward's School Opens

The new sports hall at King Edward's School in Birmingham was officially opened on 10 May by former pupil and Warwickshire cricketer Anurag Singh. The £5m facility supports the school’s games activities as well as its PE curriculum and includes a four court hall, cardiovascular fitness room, multi-purpose space, classroom and changing facilities. It is designed to integrate with the school's original buildings with bricks that complement their texture and tone, whilst the neighboruing buildings' decorative motifs are subtly referenced on the upper part of the building.

Svetlana Solomonova, architect director for the project, said: "we have worked very closely with the sports department to ensure that the building responds to their specific requirements providing opportunity for every pupil to excel physically and mentally."

The project is part of an ongoing masterplan for the school and is the second phase of our development after the science redevelopment and new sixth form centre which was completed in 2013.