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Caldicot School


Location Client Cost Size Completion
Caldicot, Monmouthshire Monmouthshire County Council £36.5m 13,000m2 September 2017

Project details

The new school provides state of the art teaching and community facilities for Caldicot delivered under the 21st Century Schools Programme. Developed in close collaboration with Monmouthshire County Council and the School leadership team, the design delivers a unique approach to school design; maximising the benefits of standardisation whilst providing an educational and curriculum led design. Whilst the ground floor provides the majority of the specialist teaching and support spaces, the upper floors consist of a ribbon of general teaching rooms each arranged in 2-storey department clusters. Each cluster is arranged around a double height hub area; the focal point of which is a terraced teaching stair.

An innovative approach to the technology utilised during the design process enabled a truly collaborative experience shared by the design team and the stakeholders. This supported the delivery of the school on time and on budget with the school fully prepared for teaching in the new facility.

It’s great to see the new school open with such support. The use of immersive technology in the design and construction process allowed students, teachers and construction workers to have valuable experience of the spaces before moving in and gave opportunity for training and orientation to maximise the potential of this new learning environment.



  • an education-led design which delivers both cost efficiency and future adaptability
  • a building with longevity and civic presence supporting rejuvenation
  • create stimulating environments to challenge educational delivery in the county


  • an innovative mix of open and focussed learning spaces
  • a new approach to school design challenging the 21st Century design agenda 
  • highly collaborative design process using state of the art technology

Integrated services

architecture, landscape architecture, BREEAM, ecology