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Gulson Road, Coventry


Location Client Cost Completion
Coventry, UK Rainier Developments £20m 2020

Project details

Gulson Road is a socially and environmentally sustainable landmark comprising 167 apartments and ground floor retail facilities across two buildings ranging from three to 16 storeys.

The tallest tower on the east side creates a gateway to the ring road and city centre, and a sensitive low scale development forms the west of the site. The design establishes a connection between urban and semi-urban areas, respecting the existing grain and topography.

A central street runs through the development maintaining access to the allotments in the south east and creates a shared community space. Whilst the apartments are positioned on the main vehicular entrance to the city, they are also near the major train station and cycle parking.


  • to create a high quality residential scheme for on an underutilised brownfield site
  • to develop a new residential community close to the heart of Coventry

Integrated services

architecture, landscape architecture