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Darc Awards 2016 London

Project details

‘Mirage’ is an artistic collaboration between BDP Lighting and XAL produced for an exhibition at the 2016 Darc Awards in London. The 2.5m cube installation is designed to be an immersive experience which distorts the viewer’s perception of space.

The mirrored entrance and the interconnecting contour lines of the internal elevations create a level of disorientation, intrigue and invitation. The installation provides dual layers of interest; the concealed internal façade details and the illusion of height and depth, which was not revealed until entering the cube itself.

Once inside the cube, the viewer discovers the mirrored finish floor and ceiling which in turn reveals coloured lines of light integrated into the slim shelf detail otherwise hidden at eye level.

To add a level of interaction small XAL Just 32 spots were focused onto a mirrored faceted column allowing users to break the beams of reflected light. The infinity mirror creates the illusion of space reaching downwards and upwards into the distance.

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