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Salmiya District Masterplan Kuwait


Location Client
Kuwait City Kuwait Municipality

Project details

BDP is creating a sustainable masterplan for Salmiya district to keep it car-friendly, but also flexible for future growth.

It includes more strategic siting of new public works such as schools, universities and hospitals in relation to residential zones.

It also offers better all-round pedestrian access to Salmiya’s shops and civic amenities.

A new place-making approach starts to be applied to first generation Middle Eastern cities.


  • transport and planning framework masterplan for the existing urbanised area of 20 sq km Salmiya district of Kuwait City
  • infrastructure, planning and design guidelines to enable transformation of the district over the next 15 years


  • the masterplan works in harmony with the third Kuwait masterplan known as 3KMP, which is an umbrella development strategy for the whole of Kuwait, designed to help cope with the intensive economic and population growth anticipated in the region over the next 20 years
  • successful collaboration with local consultants OBD

Integrated services

masterplanning (with OBD)