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De Nielt Masterplan


Location Client Size Completion
Cuijk, the Netherlands Municipalty of Cuijk icw Ballast Nedam, Hendriks Projectontwikkeling and van Wanrooij bv 16 hectares with approx. 600 dwellings design 2007, realisation started 2006

Project details

The site of De Nielt, a new residential area for 600 houses, is located on the shores of a recreational lake. Through a few simple design interventions the site was turned into an island in the lake. On this man-made island the public space has been differentiated into two clear zones: namely the very small scale urban landscaped area in the middle of the site (including the harbour), and the green, soft landscaped edge around the hard core. The green girdle is further differentiated in low and high-lying areas, paths and playfields. In the hard landscaped central area the scale of the urban space is small with brick paved streets. Cars are parked in car courts inside the building blocks and are thus hidden from sight.

Integrated services

urban design, landscape architecture, design coordination and supervision