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Wassenaar, Van Ommerenpark


Location Client Size Completion
Wassenaar, the Netherlands Van Wijnen and Wilhelmina Alida foundation 4 hectares 2006

Project details

In the premises of the previous milk factory of Menken van Grieken, a new estate is now located. It is specially definable as a place due to the fact that there lies on the westside an open peat meadows and on the other side old, wooded estates, which are on a higher ground level. On both sides it is visually linked thus to its surrounding landscape. On its north side, lies an old thickly wooded barrier, which shall be thinned out, and opened out to the main building.

On the south side is a Nursing complex, and on the other side are free standing villas, to be replaced by very large apartments. The structural build up of this place is clustered around a semi-public inner court. In it are all the entries to the buildings, set in a forecourt that lies higher than the courtyard. The transition into the inner garden (court) is via a broad natural stone band, wherein the illumination is installed.
The green central area is inspired by the classic style of an estate. The point of departure is the link with the outlaying peet meadows, and thus is the "floor" of the central garden also of grass. Herein are groups of rhododendrons and trees placed, so as to create vistas and interesting views. Through it all, weaves a half –hard pathway and a water body, inclusive of an island therein.
Middle of the inner court, is also a wooden path, which links three special places:
The enclosed flower garden, the island of weeping willows and the seating area of the meadows. The path is made suitable for most of the residents, the aged, and the physically challenged.

Integrated services

Urban Design, Landscape Architecture, Design Coordination and Supervision