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Mehron Kirk

Mehron Kirk

Landscape architecture director London
+44 [0]20 7812 8000

Mehron is a landscape architect director in the London studio.

Mehron leads UK and International public realm and landscape projects specialising in the design through to implementation of urban streets, parks and spaces.

His work includes the enhancement of Derry City Centre, several parks and town squares in Lewisham and a public realm masterplan for Marseille City Centre.

On a daily basis Mehron is involved with designing places for people and facilitates community and stakeholder consultation events to inform emerging designs.

Mehron is a member of the Design South East (DSE) expert panel who conduct design reviews of policies, plans and projects, offering support to planners, public, private and community stakeholders.

He is also is involved with urban design projects including masterplans for town centres, new quarters and districts.

Listen to Mehron in conversation with Robert Elms at radio station BBC London 94.9 on Thursday 17th September 2015 talking about his projects for Open House and approach to transforming London’s urban spaces.


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