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Equity, Inclusion & Diversity


BDP’s commitment is to create an equitable, inclusive and diverse organisation where everyone has a sense of belonging, feels respected, valued and able to achieve their full potential. People are at the centre of our business and as such, we believe creating diverse and inclusive teams promotes creativity and innovative ways of responding to the needs of our clients and communities.

Our BDP Belonging network, which represents all areas of diversity and is steered by a group of employee representatives from across the practice, defines and drives forward our equity, inclusion and diversity agenda. BDP Belonging provide guidance and advice to the business related to strategy, policies, recruitment, education and training to ensure we achieve greater inclusivity and understanding across the practice.

When we design, we do so with the full range of human diversity in mind, enabling a complete spectrum of participation from all aspects of society and our own inclusive design consultancy Human Space specialises in accessibility, inclusion and wellness advice offering our clients a range of assessment, benchmarking, research and design services.

We also work together with a range of advocates, charities and organisations who are dedicated to promoting social mobility, equity and inclusion.


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