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Graphic Design & Wayfinding

“Our placemaking installations and wayfinding designs create an environment that fosters a sense of belonging and nurtures brand identity.”
Marc Jenkins, Head of Graphic Design and Wayfinding


For more than 40 years, BDP has worked with clients to tell their stories through brand design, environmental graphics and wayfinding. We have a multi-disciplinary team of graphic designers, architects, interior designers, placemakers and wayfinding specialists.

Together, we transform workplaces, retail, hospitality, healthcare and public spaces by embedding your culture, vision and values into built environments. With a portfolio of projects and clients across the globe, our work connects people to brands and places in a myriad of meaningful ways.

From signage design to interpretive graphics and placemaking features, it’s about deepening connections and positively influencing behaviour. The result is greater brand equity, empowered employees and unique visitor experiences.

Graphic Design & Wayfinding Projects

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