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Community Engagement


BDP was built on a strong foundation of social responsibility - a commitment to building better communities whilst protecting the environment that we inhabit. By building strong, purpose-driven partnerships with the people we serve and collaborating with stakeholders throughout the design process, we ensure our projects create social value for local communities that stand the test of time.

Mentoring sixth form students at the Open City Accelerate design mentorship scheme

01// Education
and Training

Through our partnerships with schools, peers, charities and social enterprises we aim to inspire the next generation of designers and bring opportunities to a greater variety of young people with an interest in the design sector. We regularly participate in careers fairs, workshops, and presentations with different age groups to give advice and insight into wide range of careers and offer students virtual and in-person work experience.

02// Apprenticeships
and Work Placements

In the absence of relevant degrees, prior experience or access to funding, many promising - but disadvantaged - individuals face barriers to obtaining work or industry exposure. Through our apprenticeships and work placements, we aim to change this and provide aspiring students from every background with space to explore their ambitions and interests.

03// Employee Volunteering
and Charitable Activities

Our studios may be separated geographically but we are united by our interest in social good with an emphasis on community impact. Through our in-house volunteering programme, our employees can explore and contribute to charitable initiatives close to their own interests and values. We also participate in local and national charitable events such as the Deloitte Ride Across Britain.


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