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Lighting the Way to Circular Economy


Sustainability is at the heart of our thinking and as our interdisciplinary design teams continue their drive to influence global climate change and the sustainability agenda, our Head of Lighting Mark Ridler explores the circular economy model through the lens of lighting in our new global report.

Developed through research and engagement with our clients and design partners, The Lighting Circular Economy report outlines the practical steps we can take now, collectively, to make a real and meaningful contribution to incorporating a circular approach to lighting design.

From the optimisation of daylight to the opportunities of technology and adaptable lighting solutions, the push towards sustainability is creating an exciting dialogue around lighting design.


In this report, we look at how the circular economy approach is not just about product and the supply chain - it is crucially also about project process.

Collaboration between all parties in a project’s lifecycle is essential. Clients must clearly articulate intent and ambition to implement a circular economy design process. Lighting designers need to reduce the requirement for product and ensure what is specified comes from renewable sources. Contractors need to ensure the design is delivered and sourced sustainably. Operators need to understand the installation and control use, maintenance and discharge back into the supply chain. Disposal is no longer an option.

These are all links in the chain, any one of which can be broken. Download our report today, to find out more about how we can collectively act now to secure each link and light the way to a circular economy.

Listen to our head of lighting, Mark Ridler, discuss the circular economy approach to each stage of a project's lifecycle

With over 35 years’ experience delivering theatre and architectural lighting, Mark has celebrated several impressive milestones including being named as the Institution of Lighting Professionals first Chartered Lighting Designer, co-founding the circular economy initiative, Green Light Alliance, and winning Lighting Designer of the Year at the Lighting Design Awards in 2014.