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BDP achieves first BIM Level 2 certification

BDP is the first company to be assessed and certificated under BRE Global’s BIM level 2 Business Systems Certification Scheme.

Martin Ganley, Director, BRE Global said: “Certification under the scheme saves time in tendering processes and puts businesses like BDP at the forefront of the BIM working environment.”

Alistair Kell, BDP’s Information and Technology Director said of the certification: “BDP is delighted to be the first organisation in the UK to have achieved BIM Level 2 Business Systems Certification for our London studio. This is a significant step along our BIM journey, both validating the investment and commitment we have made in redefining our processes to align with emerging BIM technologies whilst also providing a recognisable auditable standard to demonstrate our abilities externally.  Our next step is to achieve Business Systems certification for the remainder of our studios and extend our employee capability through the BRE BIM AP accreditation scheme.”

As part of the certification process, BRE Global conducted a site audit to review processes and procedures at BDP’s London studio.  BDP has now been issued with a certificate – number 001 under the scheme.

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