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BDP Wins Northern Estate Programme

BDP is delighted to have won the contract for the Northern Estate Programme (NEP), the creative adaptation and conservation of a number of historic buildings for the House of Commons. Appointed for architectural and lead design services, BDP was selected for this highly significant project against strong competition.

The Northern Estate consists of a series of significant Grade I, II* and II listed buildings and interlinking external spaces, including the Norman Shaw buildings designed originally as the location of New Scotland Yard (the headquarters of the Metropolitan Police), together with 1 Derby Gate and 1 Parliament Street. The buildings currently accommodate office space for the House of Commons.


Refurbishments have not been carried out on the majority of buildings on the Northern Estate in over 40 years. These buildings are non-compliant with a range of regulatory and statutory building regulations, most notably fire safety. There are significant weaknesses in the buildings’ mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems, and other essential services fail regularly which negatively impact occupants on a regular basis. Refurbishment work has become essential in order to reduce the risk of building failure.

The programme will enhance access and circulation, integrate modern technology, upgrade workplace space and amenities and renew conference facilities. Fire safety, environmental performance and mechanical and electrical services will also be enhanced.

Around 15,300 sqm of office space will be refurbished, together with the external spaces linking the individual buildings, with works due to complete in the early 2020s.


This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to refurbish the buildings on Parliament’s Northern Estate, close to the Palace of Westminster and at the heart of Whitehall, to create a modern office environment and external landscape to meet the needs of the House of Commons, its MPs, researchers and supporting facilities, well into the 21st century.

Tim Leach Architect director

We are already working on the refurbishment of one of Whitehall’s most impressive listed buildings, the Old Admiralty Building on Horse Guards Parade, for the Department for Education which is currently on site.

BDP is also shortlisted as one of four practices for a separate programme of work for the Restoration and Renewal Programme at the Palace of Westminster.


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