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BDP wins Yancheng Nanhai Future City Urban Design competition

The Mayor of Yancheng and central Chinese government have selected BDP from a shortlist of five practices to develop Yancheng in south China. The urban design competition sought a detailed design strategy and eco vision for the city to boost its leisure, healthcare and education services whilst improving accessibility and circulation to develop it as a key tourist destination.

Our designs for the 16 sq km district make maximum use of water, green spaces and eco features including eight parks and new green water networks. A central lake will facilitate transport links and provide a range of leisure activities for both local communities and visitors attracted to the city centre. The lake will be surrounded by an ecological waterfront as well as commercial and cultural buildings. Three green corridors branch off from the lake, connecting surrounding parts of the city which is divided into different education, economic, residential, cultural and leisure zones.

The scheme will be finalised in September and the project is scheduled to complete within the next 10 years. BDP is providing masterplanning, architecture and landscape architecture for the development.