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BDP is a key partner in new procurement model for Sheffield Hallam University

Sheffield Hallam University has appointed three partner suppliers to form the Hallam Alliance, a ground-breaking new construction industry procurement and delivery model which aims to inspire change in the industry.

The Alliance, the first of its kind in the UK for a university building programme, is made up of the university and BDP-Arup (design-led consultancy), BAM (construction) and CBRE (Facilities Management).

The first project for the Hallam Alliance will be the delivery of the £220m first phase of the University’s campus plan. Partners will work collaboratively through all stages of design, construction and operation to maximise transformation and deliver best long-term value. MACE and Fulcrum are providing Scheme and Programme Management services.

The model provides an opportunity to reform the way major projects are created and designed. The collaborative and cohesive mind-set in construction procurement and delivery is designed to better deliver well-designed, well-built and well-managed buildings.

As part of its ‘Transforming Lives’ strategy to become the world’s leading applied university, the Hallam Alliance is one of the first adopters of the new NEC4 alliance contract. The alliance will operate under a clear governance structure (missing from most traditional delivery methods), with formal cooperative boards which require unanimous agreement, making decisions on issues on a "best for project" basis.


Daniel Ladbury, Director of Estates and Facilities at Sheffield Hallam University, said:  “The Hallam Alliance provides a unique opportunity to bring academia, professional services and industry together to solve the current and future challenges currently facing universities, the commercial sector and the construction industry and we look forward to realising a new benchmark for successful developments over the coming years.”

Sheffield Hallam University’s campus plan sets out a 20-year development framework for the Sheffield Hallam estate. The first phase will see £220million invested over the next five years and will focus on the University’s city centre estate and create a new gateway to the city, transforming the campus and supporting the wider ongoing development of the city of Sheffield.

It will see the creation of a destination state-of-the art, sustainable campus featuring new buildings and green spaces between Sheffield Station and Arundel Gate. It includes new buildings with teaching facilities and staff workplaces for the Sheffield Business School (SBS) and Social Sciences which will be surrounded by vibrant and inviting outdoor spaces to benefit health and wellbeing. It will provide a forum for civic engagement, collective congregation and social interactions at all levels benefitting students, staff, industry partners and residents of and visitors to the City of Sheffield.

Sue Emms, Architect Principal at BDP, said: “This project has the ability to transform how the University operates and, as pioneers of new ways of procuring buildings, transform the way the construction industry operates. It will transform the city, support skills, employability and the regeneration of the Sheffield City Region. As a Sheffield-based design business, these are all outcomes that we are extremely passionate about.”

“The alliance approach will encourage a shared ethos of partnership, collaboration and innovation to bring about more effective and efficient developments.  It will produce a unique environment for applied learning and research, adding value to create better, sustainable and efficient buildings.”

Paul Cleminson, Construction Director at BAM, said: “This new type of framework means the clients, designers, construction contractors and FM providers all have the same goals and objectives, with benefits such as transparent open book costs approach, and improved risk management. This builds mutual trust which will then the drive efficiencies, standardisation and continuous improvement that we are all seeking.

“This is a very exciting time for us all. We are all incentivised to work together to create valuable apprenticeships and work placements and provide many opportunities for students to have real local work-based learning.  The Alliance will also prioritise using the local supply chain, which will boost businesses in the Sheffield City Region and help grow the local economy.”

Daniel Vaughan, Director at CBRE, said: “Having FM services involved from the outset provides the opportunity for operational and user needs to shape design and construction helping to ensure smoother handover of buildings, improved quality and performance and the reduction of in-use costs and user issues, creating the best possible user experience.”


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