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BDP wins urban design competition for new innovation and research city in Shanghai

We have won an international competition to complete the urban design of the New Pujiang Centre in Shanghai, China. Launched by the People's Government of Pujiang Town and the Minhang District Planning and Natural Resources Bureau in July 2021, a combined consortium of BDP and JAE came away with the top prize and the contract for the project.

The New Pujiang Centre is a district-level project which forms part of the Minhang 2035 masterplan. Through the transformation and modernisation of Mindong Industrial Park, the BDP-led consortium will strengthen innovative functionality in the area, create a unique public service and deliver a state-of-the-art activity centre. With 5.25km2 of urban design activity set to take place, the work will create a new center for world-leading research and a landmark of industry-city integration.


The development of surrounding infrastructure is crucial to the creation of the new city. We will redesign a stretch of the Shendu Road to create more space along the riverfront and redevelop the Shendu Road Station of Line 8 as a composite spatial, sightline and three-dimensional transportation hub. It will link the east and west sides of the Puxing Road, above and below ground, to form a gateway block to the new Pujiang Centre.

Tianyi Gu, Architect Director, explains: “Our design for the New Pujiang Centre focuses on civilization, development, history, and nature, builds a new urban picture, lays out a new industrial blueprint, and strives to build a new city in Mindong that supports easier accessibility and an unrivalled quality of living.

“At the same time, the core elements of the design bring the riverfront back to life, draw a picture of diversified cultural tourism and weave in an ecological network for greater biodiversity, including a new man-made lake. We want people to feel a sense of belonging while a picture of a modern city unfolds before their eyes. It will become a bustling and engaging place with ecology, health and wellbeing at its heart; actively completing the transformation of the waterfront from an urban, desolate area to a natural and active space.”


Proposed as a world-class sponge city, a network of green infrastructure components will collect and purify rainwater, prevent flooding and recycle water resources to become a self-growing and self-improving urban ecosystem. The proposed components comprise the inclusion of green roofs, tree pits, green spaces, floating planting, aeration, attenuation, bio-retention swales, permeable surfaces, rain gardens and filtration beds.

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