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Lidl’s Net Zero Carbon Store In Ireland Gets Go Ahead

LIDL has recently received planning permission for the construction of a net zero-carbon store in Maynooth, Ireland .

The store is set to be the first retail space In Ireland that produces all of its operational energy from onsite renewable sources while also fully recovering the embodied carbon associated with its construction from renewable energy generation.

The building has been designed to dramatically lower its demand for energy and the embodied carbon used to construct the building even outperforms the 2030 benchmarks set by the RIAI climate emergency strategy. The project is also on track to achieve a BREEAM Outstanding rating for its holistic approach to sustainability.

This store will not only provide shoppers with the option to reduce the carbon impact of their weekly shop but will also offer electric vehicle charging points that run off renewable electricity, reducing the impact of customer commutes. Reflecting on the project goals, Building Services Engineering Director Chris Croly commented that, “it is exciting to see a developer who is willing to think well beyond the 2030 targets and deliver zero carbon buildings now.”

BDP is providing sustainability and BREEAM services for the project.