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New York City studio director fellow at the Urban Design forum

We are thrilled to announce that Rosalind Tsang, New York City studio director and equity and inclusion strategist for our inclusive design consultancy, Human Space, is now a Fellow at the Urban Design Forum.

She will be a key member of the Good Form working group, “Safe Experiences: How should we design and manage more dignified and safe public spaces for those with diverse mental health needs?”. The brain trust of fellows will convene over the next several months to examine the links between the built environment and certain public health outcomes, and overall, how to shape a healthier city.

Four working groups, comprised of design and public health professionals, will use investigative methods such as international case study exploration, neighbourhood tours and stakeholder interviews to create new visions and advance policy recommendations. The working groups’ efforts will focus on four specific areas: fresh air, active places, safe experiences and spaces for healing.

Rosalind - Urban Design Forum.jpg

Human Space works with one goal in mind: to create spaces, buildings and communities that consider people first and incorporates broad perspectives to arrive at better solutions. To that end we have successfully delivered more than 200 projects over the past decade spanning healthcare, residential, workplace, hospitality, recreation, education, transportation and more. This has positioned Human Space as a leader in the areas of accessibility and human centered design, with our members being sought after for their breadth and depth of knowledge.

Director Jesse Klimitz said “We look forward to partnering with Urban Design Forum through Rosalind’s participation in the “Safe Experiences” working group! The Urban Design Forum is a leading voice for creating positive, equitable approaches to urban issues”.

Take a look at Urban Design Forum’s Good Forum initiative to find out more about the good work they’re doing to shape a healthier city.

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