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Join Raymond Hoe at the World Architecture 100 Live 2024

In a showcase of innovation and adaptability within the international architecture market, Building Design is set to host the World Architecture 100 Live on February 6th from 9.30 am. Now in its third year, the full day international event will be filled with live panel discussions, interviews, and exclusive content aimed at focusing on the current state of the global architecture sector and predicting its future trajectory.


With over two decades of international design experience in Asia Raymond Hoe, an architect and regional director of BDP's Southeast Asia operations, will contribute his expertise to a panel discussion titled "Looking ahead: Unpacking the state of the international architecture market." Starting at 11:30 am the session aims to delve into the dynamic shifts within the international architecture arena, exploring the impact of factors such as strong performing sectors, technological advancements, and socioeconomic fluctuations. Through a comprehensive analysis, the panel will assess the current state of the market, providing valuable insights into its trajectory and forecasting future trends.


For more information about the conference visit: World Architecture 100 Live. We look forward to welcoming you!