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Canalside Housing


Location Client Cost Size Completion
Woking, UK Thameswey Developments Ltd £350m 30 Ha 2021

Project details

The Canalside masterplan forms an integrated and well-connected place, linking to the surrounding neighbourhood in order to support wider permeability and pedestrian and cycle connections. The mix of accommodation is designed to support intergenerational living.

The new public parkland space at the heart of the neighbourhood offers play and recreation opportunities. Retaining high quality mature trees, adds value and contributes to the character of the place.

Connecting the new open spaces and parks with existing green spaces through use of well landscaped and pedestrian friendly links creates a wider integrated green infrastructure.

Facilitating improved transport and access routes through Canalside to improve accessibility and integration with the wider movement network. Podium car parks improve the streetscape and provide generous public realm promoting wellbeing and safety. Creating a clear, strong, and well-defined block structure throughout Canalside aids legibility and wayfinding.

Public realm and facilities include a network of well-designed and active public spaces, and a range of local community facilities creating a strong sense of community.

Placemaking is established through high quality design and the enhancement of open spaces and other public amenity areas.

The mix of accommodation encourages social interaction and support across all generations. Car-free spaces allow the landscape to link the neighbourhood with safe, walkable routes, promoting wellbeing for the community and retail spaces are at the gateway of the development creating a generous public space and link to the main park.

The vision is to create a desirable, attractive and highly sustainable place to live and work. A place that, through high quality design and community facilities, will reduce existing levels of deprivation and where the community can thrive into the future.

Mark Rolt Thameswey Developments Ltd

Integrated services

architecture, interior design, landscape architecture