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Canalside Housing


Location Client Completion
Woking, UK Thameswey Developments Ltd 2028

Project details

The vision for Sheerwater is to provide a healthy and sustainable community which results in a place full of thriving homes complete with community facilities, public parkland and gardens.

Our proposals will regenerate a post-war housing estate in a largely deprived suburb, into a vibrant and balanced neighbourhood that meets the housing and future needs of local residents.

The number of homes on the 30 ha site will double from 570 to around 1200, nearly half of which will be affordable. Car movement is restricted to the perimeter and car parks are provided with green roofs to focus on a network of pedestrian streets, parks, squares and gardens, where children can play safely outdoors and residents can come together.

The vision for Sheerwater is to create a desirable, attractive and highly sustainable place to live and work. A place that, through high quality design and community facilities, will reduce existing levels of deprivation and where the community can thrive into the future.

Mark Rolt Thameswey Developments Ltd

Integrated services

architecture, landscape architecture